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Common Questions

Do You Have Radios For Sale/Exchange?

We are a repair shop first and foremost, but we do have some units for sale and exchange. Please contact us for information regarding your particular model.

There's A CD Stuck In The CD Player. Is This Considered A Repair?

In most cases, the CD becomes stuck due to a broken or malfunctioning transport mechanism. Just removing the CD does not solve the underlying problem and the player is going to continue to jam. In these cases, we recommend a full repair.

My Vehicle Isn't Listed. Can You Fix It?

Yes we can repair most every make and model from domestic and import from 1955 and up. Call 1-800-446-2880 for free troubleshooting help. On repairs over 15 years old we may need to see it before we can give you a firm repair estimate.

How Much Will The Repair Cost?

Repair pricing depends on a variety of factors including the type of equipment, availability of replacement parts, and exact nature of the problem.
On many units we can give you a price quote based on your model and complaint. Use this form for a free Car Audio Repair Price Quote including parts, labor, a one year warranty on the ENTIRE repair and a FREE freight prepaid shipping label to use.

How Long Will The Repair Take?

Most units are repaired within two to three days of arrival at our repair shop.

Can't I Just Buy A New Radio?

Definitely. But consider the following:

  • Factory units cost $400 to $2,000 for a reason. They are built tougher and to more demanding specifications.
  • Many vehicles require a factory radio for steering wheel, HVAC, and dash lighting controls to work properly.
  • The factory radio matches the look of the dash and the electronic systems of your vehicle.
  • Replacements require the wiring on your car to be cut or modified. (Or an adapter plug for $20 or more).
  • Replacements are much smaller then the factory radio, and require a trim kit (another $20) to fill in the big factory cut out.
  • Replacements require custom installation, (another $60) while repair removal is usually simple to do yourself.
  • Replacements ┬ámay pick up engine electrical interference since they were not designed for your car.
  • Replacements have tiny little buttons that are tough to press in a moving car and their labels even harder to read.
  • Replacements hurt the resale value of you car.
  • Repair is environmentally friendly, conserving energy and natural resources.