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Radio Repair Details

Your factory audio equipment is designed with incredible attention to detail. Shouldn’t your radio repair shop offer the same level of care and attention? At Southern Electronics, our full audio repairs include:

  • Installing all factory updates and modifications.
  • Repairing manufacturing design defects discovered after your unit left the factory.
  • Repairing all defective factory machine soldering, the number one cause of failure.
  • Checking and correcting the alignment of all circuits, improving performance reception and audio clarity.
  • Replacing commonly worn parts, like belts and idler wheels that dry up with age.
  • Cleaning tape heads, capstans and laser optics.
  • Cleaning and buff faceplates to look like new. (Replacement faceplates available on request)
  • Vibrating and thermally cycling your radio to be sure it will stand up to the extreme environments your vehicle endures.